Practical Innovation

Change Healthcare invests broadly in practical healthcare technology innovations that will improve our products, disrupt the market, and transform the healthcare industry. As leaders in healthcare technology, we believe it is our responsibility to test, adopt, and refine new infrastructure and technologies. Our investments extend the reach of emerging technologies across healthcare, supporting a healthy ecosystem of competitive applications.

Technology Innovations to Inspire a Better Healthcare System

We are working across the industry to deliver healthcare innovations that help our customers flourish.



Intelligent Healthcare Platform

The healthcare industry is increasingly looking to find improvements by leveraging new technologies. However, technology is only innovative when it adds value to the system it is applied to. The Intelligent Healthcare Platform enables Change Healthcare to rapidly drive innovation across our portfolio of solutions and deliver technology that can leverage our immense network and data stores. Change Healthcare is driven to champion innovation though our unified platform that will help reduce costs and improve outcomes as the industry evolves into a smarter more integrated system.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has the potential for a vast number of applications from increased personalization of healthcare to improved decision making. AI and machine learning are creating new efficiencies, such as mammograms that can be co-read by machines, reducing the impact of human error. Mostly impactfully, AI can significantly impact the financial and administrative aspects of healthcare by reducing waste and manual processes. At Change Healthcare, we are embedding AI into our solutions to reduce repetitive manual work, create operational efficiencies, and make healthcare more cost-effective.

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Blockchain technology can help improve the efficiency, transparency, and security of the data reconciliation activities that plague the healthcare system. In January 2018, we launched the first enterprise-scale blockchain network in healthcare, allowing customers to track claims submissions and remittances in real time. By exploring the many uses for blockchain within our financial, clinical, and engagement solutions, we aim to provide cost-effective data integrity for high-volume transactions.

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Price Transparency

Price Transparency

As part of our strategy to help payers and providers improve engagement, we offer technologies and services to enable greater transparency. With increasing industry focus on the consumer experience, satisfaction, and rising out-of-pocket responsibility for healthcare costs, payers, providers, and employers need to empower consumers to help them understand their choices, manage costs proactively, and become smarter "value" shoppers of healthcare. To make this retail-like experience happen, healthcare cost and quality data must be as transparent and accessible as prices and reviews are for other consumer goods and services.

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Interoperability in Healthcare


From its interconnected and market-neutral position at the center of healthcare, Change Healthcare provides scalable, secure, and highly available interoperability services leveraging our Intelligent Healthcare Network™––one of the largest clinical and financial healthcare networks in the U.S. These services allow for the protection of patient privacy and consent enforcement by using open standards and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate with multiple endpoints, such as electronic medical record systems and consumer-facing healthcare applications. Change Healthcare is the exclusive provider of clinical interoperability services to members of CommonWell Health Alliance, supporting both treatment and patient access.

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Healthcare Consumer Experience

From our unique position at the center of the healthcare ecosystem, we offer products and services to help our customers create meaningful consumer experiences. As healthcare consumers shoulder more of the financial burden for care, their expectations for quality experiences intensifies. Adopting best practices pioneered in the financial services, hospitality, and retail sectors will help healthcare deliver patient and member experiences that retain and attract consumers.

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