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A suite of solutions for providers that want to better engage with patients, increase collections, improve patient financial data, and optimize revenue opportunities.

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Help Accelerate Reimbursement and Patient Engagement


Optimize revenue and improve the patient experience

As the industry continues to transition to value-based reimbursement, patients are more financially responsible for their healthcare costs than ever before. Desiring a more retail-like healthcare experience, patients are seeking providers who offer better opportunities to engage in their overall care and improve their health for the long-term.

As a result, providers are focused on improving the patient experience and are seeking better access to timely and accurate insurance eligibility verification and details about coverage and co-pays.

Change Healthcare offers services and technologies that help providers improve the patient experience through better communication strategies—at and before the point-of-service.

Accurate data improves payment collection

Accurate data improves payment collection

Do you know if the insurance information you have about a patient is complete and accurate? Can you make it as easy as possible for patients to pay for the care they’ve received?

The value of the Clearance Patient Access Suite begins at registration, providing accurate data for your downstream processes and empowering patient financial conversations along the way.

With the Clearance Patient Access Suite, you can efficiently increase registration data accuracy, complete insurance eligibility verification, automate pre-authorization, estimate patients’ financial responsibility, accept point-of-service collections, validate patients’ identity, and help patients who are unable to pay explore financial assistance programs.

Engage with patients at all points of service

Our patient access and call center services help providers assess and improve the financial health of their organization from the start of the revenue cycle.

By improving the quality of patient registration and billing data at pre- or point-of-service, your revenue cycle can run at top speed from the start, not only impacting your bottom line, but improving the overall patient experience as well.

From nurse advice, triage, disease management programs, and post discharge follow up to pre-admission education, appointment scheduling, referrals, and billing/collections, our patient access services will enable your health system or physician organization to quickly answer virtually any patient inquiry.

Engage with patients at all points of service

Engage with patients at all points of service

Streamlined eligibility and enrollment services

Our onsite staff consults with patients to determine their eligibility and enrolls them in government funding sources at the federal, state, and local level to secure payment for accounts that would have otherwise resulted in uncompensated care.

With our financial counseling services, we help collect and confirm insurance verification, identify coverage sources, communicate financial responsibility, establish payment plans, and collect and process payments.

Our team reduces confusion about claims and the billing process, decreasing or eliminating patients' out-of-pocket expenses while increasing your hospital's revenue.

 Overcome Patient Access Challenges

Patient Access
Empower patient financial conversations 

Patients’ expectations of service have increased as they bear more financial responsibility for their healthcare.

Providing patients the information they need in a timely manner is vital, but many hospitals find it difficult to accomplish on their own without the right technology or staff.

From the first point of scheduling and registration, our solutions help you and your staff improve patient service and operational efficiency.

Payment Collection
Improved patient coverage and collections

When handling care for a significant number of self-pay patients, it’s critical to address uncompensated care, increase revenue, and reduce bad debt.

Our solutions identify options and enroll patients in the right program for coverage. 

We help you perform eligibility verification throughout the revenue cycle and generate out-of-pocket estimates at every patient encounter.

With third party liability revenue cycle management, we help you prevent claim denials and future re-work to improve your cash flow.

Revenue Optimization
Accelerate reimbursement and reduce denials

Patient access is just one piece of the revenue cycle.

An efficient front end with proper pre-registration and billing practices helps improve billing and coding accuracy, and prevent claim denials throughout the revenue cycle.

Our solutions give you the ability to efficiently increase data accuracy starting at registration through eligibility verification and pre-authorization.

This reduces rework, streamlines workflows, and allows you to focus on getting claims paid versus corrected.

Patient Loyalty
Improve patient satisfaction and engagement

Every step along the patient’s journey with a healthcare provider, from scheduling the first physician appointment to paying the final bill, affects satisfaction.

Waiting on hold and registration wait times may increase anxiety about the patient’s upcoming procedure, which can negatively impact patient satisfaction ratings.

Our solutions help you put patients at ease and alleviate long wait times.

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